Marking records in CBA Results List

To mark a record in the CBA Results List, simply click in the check box () adjacent to the record, which should then contain either a tick or a cross symbol (depending on your operating system/web browser).  Once you have marked all the records you are interested in, you may then download, email, print or add the results to a basket by clicking on the appropriate icon at the top of the page.

Downloading or saving CBA Results to a file

To save CBA results to a file
1. mark the records that you want to save to a file by clicking in the corresponding check boxes, as described above
2. click on the icon "Download" and select the appropriate Records to use and the Format. Click OK.
3. Click on ‘Save’, and choose a location to save the file. The file will be saved as a .zip file which can be opened in the appropriate software.

If you wish to save CBA results in their original Html format you can also select the records in the CBA results list with your mouse, copy the selection, and then paste it into an Html editor.

Emailing CBA Results

1. mark the records that you want to email by clicking in the corresponding check boxes, as described above (or leave all records unmarked)
2. click the button "Email"
3. select All records , Selected records or Range of records. Select the Format, then click OK.
4. a new window will open up – enter the appropriate full email addresses and accompanying message;
5. click on Send and a message will appear confirming that the email has been sent. Click on Return to go back to the original search results.

Printing CBA Results

1. mark the required records;
2. click on the Print icon at the top of the page;
3. select All, Selected records or a Range, then click on OK
4. a window will open showing the list of results that you are about to print and offering you the option of Printing the results - or of Searching again.

Using the Add to Basket feature

1. do a search and mark the required records;
2. click on the Add to Basket icon at the top of the page;
3. select All, Selection or Range of records to add;
3. number of records added to Basket is then shown on left of screen;
4. total number of records in Basket can be downloaded, emailed or printed out following instructions above.

Search Tips

For a comprehensive search

  1. Leave All in the Journal box and type your search term(s) in the All fields box.
  2. You can use the wild card symbol * at the end of your term(s) eg ‘sustainab*’ which would find the terms ‘sustainable’, ‘sustainability etc
  3. You can use OR between two or more terms in the All Fields box, to widen your search or to cover alternative spellings eg ‘sustainab*’ OR ‘environmental*’; ‘infrared’ OR ‘infra red’

To narrow down a search

  1. Use AND between search terms or between fields. Eg ‘office*’ AND ‘France’ in the All fields box will only find records mentioning office buildings and France.
  2. Typing ‘office*’ AND ‘France’ into the All fields box AND  ‘200*’ in the Year field box will only find articles mentioning office or offices, and France , published between 2000-2009
  3. Typing ‘Lerner’ in the Authors field box AND ‘groundwater’ in the Title field box will only find articles by that author with ‘groundwater’ in the Title.
  4. To exclude unwanted terms you can also use AND NOT within a Field box or between Field boxes. Eg ‘bridge*  AND NOT footbridge*’
  5. To search across a range of dates eg 1990-2007 you will need to type 199* OR 200* in the Year field box.

To search for a phrase

To search for the exact phrase, put the phrase in inverted commas eg “green building”;  “life cycle cost* ”; “health and safety”. If you omit the inverted commas and search for green building, or health and safety it will find records with those words – in any order-  in the same record, if you select All fields (or in the same field, if you select a particular Field from the drop-down list.)

To search for articles in a particular journal

You can restrict the search to a particular journal title by selecting the title from the Journal drop-down list. To return to a comprehensive search, just select All from the top of the list.

Searching by subject keywords:

You can go to the ‘Search by Subject Keywords page’ to do a Keyword search. Subject keywords are added to each abstract record to show the main subjects and topics of particular interest which are covered by the article. In many cases the Subject keyword will also cover a range of synonyms eg HOUSING AND HOUSES will include articles on flats, apartments, dwellings, condominiums, homes, houses – so it will save you time if you use the Subject Keyword.
Click on your chosen Keyword to perform the search. Once you are in a record you can also click on any of the Subject keywords at the bottom of the record to carry out another subject search.

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